Work Package Leader

Thomas Grischek
University of Applied Sciences Dresden
Division of Water Sciences


Work Package 1 Potential of bank filtration and post-treatments in (drinking)water supply

In WP1 new technology components will be integrated and monitoring and operating regimes will be adopted to further optimise water treatment in bank filtration schemes for these new requirements. Specific goals of WP1 are to:

  • improve the confidence with which water service providers are able to specify, design, and implement combined bank filtration (BF) and engineered water treatment systems,
  • evidence how full scale combined systems can achieve reductions in operating costs of 10%-30% and in energy consumption per m3 treated of up to 50% compared to current established solely engineered solutions,
  • demonstrate the benefits of post-treatment options such as nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis RO), granular activated carbon (GAC), ultraviolet disinfection (UV), ozonation and electrochlorination after bank filtration for the production of safe drinking water,
  • deliver design guidance for bank filtration systems combined with engineered treatment components informed by industrial or near-industrial scale experiences and to prove the transferability of tested technical approaches across contexts and water quality challenges,
  • strengthen the leading position of European researchers and water utilities in efficient use of bank filtration worldwide and achieve a new level of market penetration in Asia.
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