Future proofing bank filtration sites for drinking water production

  • Securing water quality of bank filtrate by upgrading single wells with nanofiltration [download poster]
  • Combined River Bank Filtration and Ultrafiltration for drinking water treatment [download poster]
  • Software tool SIPHON for energy efficient siphon well operation [download poster]
  • Riverbank filtration coupled to reverse osmosis: cNES pilot experience in Budapest, Hungary [download poster]
  • Bank filtration combined with reverse osmosis: Experience in Baja, Hungary [download poster]
  • Bank filtration combined with ozonation + GAC: natural organic matter and bacteria removal [download poster]
  • Safe drinking water in rural developing areas through River Bank Filtration + Solar Driven Electrochlorination (ECl2) [download poster]

Exploiting and maintaining treatment and storage capacitiy in MAR

  • Towards indirect potable reuse: the role of enhanced oxidation before soil aquifer treatment [download poster]
  • Electrical Pulse Oxidation Process (EPOP) – an alternative pre-treatment for soil-aquifer treatment in indirect potable reuse [download poster]
  • Protecting drinking water resources from micropollutants: Potential of UV/H2O2 treatment before soil infiltration [download poster]
  • Enabling aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) by high flowrate filtration for improved water management. [download poster]
  • Advanced monitoring for optimised MAR/SAT system design & operation, Agon-Coutainville site [download poster]
  • Subsurface Monitoring Device Real time monitoring of the dynamic of salt /fresh water interface [download poster]
  • LYXEA® Real Time Monitoring and Modelling: A suite of solutions for integrated MAR/SAT management [download poster]

Benefitting the environment and involving the public

  • Ecosystem services from cNES for water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Raising awareness for cNES: Serious Gaming and Citizen Science for stakeholder and social engagement [download poster]

Constructed wetlands in cNES flow sheets for different treatment purposes

  • Ozonation combined with natural filtration processes - water quality gains [download poster]
  • RSF plus: a flexible concept to reduce the micropollutant and microbial load from WWTPs [download poster]
  • Constructed Wetlands as solutions for small scale communities: Experiences from two Greek Islands - Antiparos  [download poster] and Thirasia [download poster]
  • Constructed wetlands in cNES flowsheets - what for and how to design [download poster]
  • Phosphorus removal and biomass valorisation with an immobilised algae bioreactor (IABR) [download poster]

Addressing challenges beyond scheme operation

  • BACTcontrol: online monitoring of bacterial contamination
  • Evaluation of water treatment technologies using a panel of effect-based CALUX bioassays [download poster]
  • Managing water safety: A Water Quality Assessment Framework [download poster]
  • Workflow for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment with AquaNES online tool [download poster]
  • Capturing knowledge on cNES: The AquaNES DSS [download poster]
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