Work Package Leader

Direction Eau, Environnement et Ecotechnologies
Water, Environment and Eco-technologies division


Work Package 2: Managed aquifer recharge & soil aquifer treatment for water storage and quality improvement

Demonstrate the effectiveness and validate the long-term feasibility of combined natural and engineered (cNES) treatment technologies for Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) and Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) sites for various hydroclimatic and regional contexts and a broad range of source waters (surface water, storm water, waste water) treated for drinking water purposes or water reuse. Specific goals of WP2 are to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of oxidative pre-treatment steps to SAT on bulk organics, micropollutants and microbiological quality at pilot plant scale (Site 6, Lange Erlen)
  • Test the combination of alternating ozonation-biofiltration-oxidation with short SAT to improve reduction of organic matter, micropollutants and pathogens for indirect potable reuse at demonstration scale (Site 7, Shafdan)
  • Test and optimise a mobile high-rate filtration system combined to MAR for temporary storage of storm water at demonstrator scale (Site 9, Waddinxveen )
  • Demonstrate the efficiency of combined secondary wastewater treatment + reed bed filtration with SAT/MAR on groundwater quality and quantity at aquifer scale through novel subsurface monitoring, data management and modelling including advanced chemical and isotopic analysis (Site 8, Agon Coutainville )
  • Assess the overall long-term performance of combined engineered-MAR/SAT solutions for operational implementation, assisted by advanced monitoring and modelling (ICT) for system control and optimisation
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