Siphon and SOMA tools

Adapted software tools SOMA 2 for predicting the behaviour of micropollutants and SIPHON for energy efficient siphon well operation are available here.


The AquaNES Decision Support System captures a variety of the project knowledge to guide utilities and authorities in their decision to implement a cNES.

Governance for cNES

Understanding the importance of policy and other boundary conditions. D5.1 provides a map of EU governance systems and analysis of leverage points.

Ecosystem services from cNES

Benefits beyond treatment from cNES. D5.2 presents a full report on the ecosystem services analysis from selected AquaNES demonstration sites.

Stakeholder engagement

Guidance documents on the potential value of citizen science (D5.4) and gaming approaches (D5.5) for implementation of cNES and to promote stakeholder engagement

Design recommendations

Design recommendations for combining constructed wetlands with engineered pre- or post-treatments – findings from existing guidelines and demonstration cases (D3.3)

Surface water protection

Reducing the discharge load of nutrients or pharmaceuticals into surface water. D3.2 reports options to deploy constructed wetland based cNES.

cNES for water reuse

Do cNES combining constructed wetlands and engineered treatment deliver water quality suitable for water reuse? D3.1 gives answers taking into account existing and planned new regulations.

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