National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is one of the oldest and most prestigious Academic Institutes in Greece, with a long experience in education, training and technological research and development. The Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit (EEMRU, is an educational and research unit of the School of Chemical Engineering, with extensive research experience, particularly in regions of the Mediterranean. The EEMRU has coordinated or participated in several EU international research projects (including FP7 WatERP, EcoWater, DROUGHT-R&SPI, COROADO, SWITCH, WASSERMed, XEROCHORE, FP6 AquaStress, INECO, OPEN-GAIN, Nostrum-DSS, FP5 WaterStrategyMan, ARID Cluster etc.), and has produced numerous publications in scientific journals and conferences.

Within the framework of past and on-going research projects, the EEMRU has developed models and tools to support decision making in water management.The EEMRU is also responsible for courses covering a wide spectrum of subjects at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are supported through specifically tailor-made web material.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 6: work package lead, development of decision support platform
  • WP 3: coordination of Greek demonstration sites
  • WP4: Contribution on development of data processing and integrative water quality reporting tool based on open access software “R”.
  • WP5: Contribution in the development of an LCA approach tailored for cNES, application of LCC analysis determine cost-effectiveness of cNES and S-LCA evaluating social and socio-economic impacts of cNES. Outputs from WP5 will support the development of AquaNEs DSS interface and platform in WP6.
  • WP 7: (regional) stakeholder workshop on cNES/CW based solutions in remote / rural areas
  • WP8: member of the Project Management Team
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