X-Flow is part of Pentair’s Flow and Filtration Solutions business and produces and supplies a wide range of standard membranes and modules for filtration and purification processes in different industries, like water, waste water and beverage.

Therefore, advanced membranes are our business. We help equipment manufacturers, engineering and construction contractors to exceed expectations with membranes that make the difference, even in the most challenging tasks and conditions. Focused on practical and economic progress, we develop filtration technology with the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest efficiency.

One of the newest developments is a capillary nanofiltration membrane. X-Flow nanofiltration membranes are characterized by a low operating pressure and chlorine resistant PES membrane material. The membranes find their main applications in the removal of humic substances and other dissolved organic matter. And it also removes synthetic chemical compounds such as dyes.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 1: Preparation and operation of two NF-pilot plants for testing NF-membranes after bank filtration (BF) on Berlin demonstration site (no. 1) to demonstrate long-term stability of capillary nanofiltration. Evaluation of the results and tuning/developing NF-membranes for partial removal of selected compounds and the extension of applicability of nanofiltration for bank filtrate/groundwater treatment from strictly anoxic to suboxic conditions. 
  • WP7: scientific and commercial exploitation of demonstration results (exhibitions, workshops)
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