Wadis Ltd. is a private start-up company, located in Ness Ziona, Science Park, Israel. Founded in 2010, by Oren Gafri, a leading expert in electromagnetic pulse systems and material and processing and Riki Gafri, who has 25 years of management experience in the high-tech and clean-tech industry. The company has 7 employees, comprised of scientists, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers.

Wadis is the first company to have developed and patented a commercially viable, industrial-scale process that applies an electrical pulse discharge technology (“EPDT”) for the disinfection of all types of water. This technology has many advantages over the conventional existing disinfection technologies as being more environmental friendly process (no /low disinfection byproducts formation) while effectively disinfecting

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 2: WADIS will demonstrate the electric pulse oxidation system as an alternative to ozonation at the Shafdan study site (IL). The process will be tested as a pre-oxidation system for bioactive carbon filter and UF ceramic filter and also in combination with short soil aquifer treatment.
  • WP4: test case support to Risk Assessment tool
  • WP7: participation in the exploitation plan development for its EPDT.
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