Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTWD)

The HTWD was founded in 1992 and is the successor of the former University for Transport and Communications "Friedrich List" which was founded in 1966. Today it is with 180 professors and over 5,000 students the second largest university of the regional capital of Saxony. It has 8 faculties covering fields in science, engineering and economics. The HTWD has partnerships with more than 100 universities worldwide.

The Division of Water Sciences belongs to the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture and has a long history in applied research and strong collaboration links to regional water utilities and water engineering consultancies. Dresden is a historic and scientific centre for riverbank filtration, having 3 waterworks along the River Elbe. Research has been focused on bank filtration for >20 years, resulting in many regional and international activities, networks, site-dependent projects, workshops, education and promotion. In 2010, HTWD founded a “Cooperation Centre for Riverbank Filtration” in Haridwar, India. Marketing activities in cooperation with SME and large companies resulted in the involvement of European companies in India, Russia and Egypt. New research foci are energy efficiency in water supply and coupling advanced water treatment technologies with bankfiltration to meet future demands for save drinking water.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP1. Work package coordinator; Responsible for site 2, focus on energy efficiency and ecosystem service of BF and especially siphon systems; contribution to assessment of site 5 in India based on long-term collaboration with UJS and AUT; application of software tools (SOMA 2, QMRA) for site assessment and providing data for WP 5 & 6.
  • WP5: Life-cycle assessment of BF system, focus on site 2
  • WP6: Decision support system for BF scheme design
  • WP7. Dissemination, supporting AUT on Asian market for BF coupled with on-site disinfection using electrolysis
  • WP8: member of the Project Management Team
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