Eötvös József College at Baja

The Eötvös József College at Baja, Hungary (EJC) is located in the southern region of the country near to the Serbian and Croatian borders. Currently, about 20 scientists work at EJC. The research and development activities of EJC include a spectrum of drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment technologies. The priority activities in the field of R+D include the development of innovative technologies for arsenic removal and in addition to this iron, manganese and ammonium reduction in drinking water. Cooperation with international partners, particularly in the South-eastern European countries has long-ranging tradition, including cross-boundary projects such as the ARSENICPLATFORM with the University of Novi Sad (HUSRB/1002/121/075).

The EJC has laboratory facilities of >1,000 m2 containing a wide range of pilot-scale treatment units, such as UV disinfection, chlorination, various adsorbers, RO, NF, MF, FO and anaerobic membrane equipment, sand filters and flocculators, etc. The Water Technology Basis has its own bank filtered drinking water wells that can be connected to any of the additional treatment facilities.  

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 1: Piloting: Assessment the performance of bank filtration systems under various critical hydrological scenarios (i.e., floods, droughts, redox), performance assessment of Budapest site, water chemistry analysis and collaboration with BUWW
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