The enterprise was founded in 2007 as network company by the DREWAG Stadtwerke GmbH, which is a community owned enterprise that holds 100 % of the shares. DREWAG NETZ serves more than 300.000 customers with drinking water, electricity, natural gas and district heating. It is responsible for operation, maintenance, monitoring, design, network construction and acquisition of facilities for the network.

The water supply sector consists of four water works (including demonstration site 2) and a 2.500 km long drinking water distribution network including 28 water storage reservoirs and 25 pumping stations for pressure control. A total average of 140.000 m3 is sourced daily from both the Elbe River as riverbank filtrate and from nearby surface water reservoirs via direct abstraction.

One of the main corporate objectives is reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly water and energy supply. In order to ensure and improve its objectives, the DREWAG NETZ supports and integrates innovative energy concepts and strategies to increase customer satisfaction and the sustainable increase of its overall energy efficiency.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP1: Facilitation and operation of an UF-pilot scheme at demonstration site 2. Coordination of testing methods and concepts to maximize well head protection. Provision of data to evaluate removal of organic compounds.. Facilitation of energy measurements at different vertical well types. Demonstrate rehabilitation strategies and novel constructive elements for siphon well systems in collaboration with HTWD.
  • WP5: Integrating data for life cycle assessments and ecosystem services assessments
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