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Demonstration site

Treatment process combination

The Budapest demonstration site benefits from the full-scale Water Works facilities which treat bank filtrate to drinking water using disinfection: UV, Cl2, NaOCl

Additional experimental work to assess the feasibility and potential advantages membrane processes will be performed in pilot-scale at NUPS facilities.

  • Ozonization
  • Rapid sand filtration
  • GAC

Aims & ambition

Understand, enhance and assure hygienically and safe drinking water production through

  • Event based sampling and monitoring of available fullscale UV disinfection and O3 oxidization process
  • Assessment of well performance: applied energy saving and well maintenance methods
  • Data collection and evaluation on riverbed clogging, dissemination of good practices
  • Demonstrating of operating actions during high risk periods: floods and droughts

Site coordinator & partners

Gabór Till

Budapest Water Works

Case study in brief

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