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Demonstration site

Treatment process combination

Demonstration of a combination of nanofiltration of bank filtrate for drinking water production

Aims & ambition 

Improved removal of targeted pollutant removal at specific wells, featuring high concentrations thereof

  • SO42-
  • EDTA
  • Micropollutants

Compare different feed water qualities with respect to

  • Redox potential
  • Fe(II) & Mn(II) concentration
  • TOC/ DOC, biopolymers
  • Scaling & fouling propensity

Demonstrate potential economic benefits

  • Long-term process stability
  • Impact of treated volumes
  • Pumping efforts
  • Membrane cleaning & replacement;


Site coordinator & partners

Jeannette Jährig

KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB)


Virtual tour through the plant

Case study in brief

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